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Feasibility Studies

Often the biggest question facing a developer is “Should we?” Awesome Proportions Ltd can apply our extensive experience and creativity to your question. We can produce designs and proposals in as much detail as you require. We can produce cost estimates and planning assessments to let you move forward, fully informed.

A white model of a modern building is displayed on a black table in the middle of an art gallery.
A high-quality render of the basic design of a residential development, showing locations of buildings and trees, as well as the typography of the land.

Residential Developments

Housing is still in great demand and competition for available land is fierce, but opportunities still arise, and we can be there to move quickly and responsively to get high-quality designs through the planning system. Once approved, we can use our experience to produce and coordinate all the technical information needed to get quality homes onto the market.

Commercial New Builds

From education to industrial we can deliver a wide range of buildings up to the value of several million pounds. We ensure developments of any size benefit from the highest quality of design and attention to detail.

A render showing the side view of an office complex of three connected buildings with four floors, with sections cut through to show the interior.
A render of an open plan office. The large far wall is a floor to ceiling window with views to green scenery beyond. The interior has pale wooden flooring contrasted with charcoal-coloured walls. There are three shared work tables in the main room, and along one wall are private booths with tables and benches. There is a personal office on the left separated from the main room by glass walls. The room looks professional, but spacious, light, and relaxed.

Commercial Interiors

Interiors can be complex. We can provide you with sophisticated technical designs with all the artistic flare architects are known for. The image a workplace projects can have a significant impact on a business, so make sure the investment is well placed in a great and original design.

3D Visualisations

Our ability to produce photorealistic 3D visualisations can make a huge difference in complex planning applications. Being able to see a building before it’s built can communicate ideas far more effectively than any number of written documents. We don’t limit ourselves to just buildings or their interiors. We can assist you in the production of images of anything from products to sculptures.

A 3D render of a modern waiting area. It is a large open space with dark flooring and light grey walls, but it feels light and airy due to carefully placed modern lighting fixtures and a large floor-to-ceiling window which looks out on a small walled courtyard with a small tree with red leaves. There is black leather seating along the right wall, and one long white bench along the left wall.
Logo for the Association for Project Safety.

Principal Designer Services

Health and Safety is not optional. It is singularly the most important aspect of any project as lives literally depend upon it. Our staff hold qualifications with the APS and IOSH in the role of Principal Designer, allowing them to safely and competently coordinate health and safety information from multiple stakeholders within a project, ensuring all parties have the right information to move forward safely.

Drone Surveys

Drones are no longer gadgets or toys. They are essential safety tools. The first rule of health and safety is to eliminate risk and drones do just that. Our fully licensed commercial drone pilots can provide you with high-resolution images of any high or difficult to reach areas of your building at a considerably lower cost and level of risk when compared to traditional methods.

A photograph of Hull taken from a drone. You can see buildings in the town centre, The Deep aquarium, and the sunlight reflecting on the Humber River.
A module for a building is being lowered by a crane at a construction site, flanked by two construction workers guiding it down.

Modular Building Specialist Design

Our staff has decades of experience delivering modular buildings for numerous manufactures across the country. Projects have ranged from Norwegian arctic cabins to category A modular prisons for the MoJ. Chartered architects with our levels of detailed expertise in off-site construction are few and far between.


Often the building that is already constructed is the best value option for development. It’s considerably greener and safer. We can assist you in the selection, assessment, and adaptation of a building in any condition and produce the design and specifications needed to give the building a whole new life.

A before-and-after picture of a building refurbishment. On the left-hand side, the residential building is run down, with chipped rendering on the outside walls and a roof canopy above the ground floor. On the right-hand side, the building has been transformed, with the ground floor now a commercial property and the roof canopy removed. The walls are freshly rendered and re-painted.



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